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Fellowship of the Society


Fellowship is the senior degree of IRMS membership.  It is awarded those members of ten years or more standing who have, in the opinion of their peers, attained appropriate eminence, authority or seniority.  Non-members of the Society deemed worthy can be awarded honorary fellowships.

First awarded on the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Society in 2013, both the role of the Fellows within the Society and the way in which we confer fellowships are still actively evolving. 

Fellowships are conferred by means of an annual nomination and election process

How does someone become a Fellow?

IRMS fellowship is the senior level of society membership.  It is designed to acknowledge the most senior and respected information professionals. IRMS Fellowships are conferred annually following a process of nomination and election.

Current members of the Society with ten years or more membership are eligible for nomination for fellowship.  Non-members are also eligible for nomination.  If elected, a non-member will be awarded Honorary Fellow status.

Who is eligible for nomination?

Fellowship or Honorary Fellowship may be awarded if one or more of the following criteria are met:

Eminence: an eminent individual recognised and acknowledged across the IM/RM sector and beyond. With a broad knowledge or be recognised as an expert in a particular field, and should have made a significant contribution to the sector and its perception to the general public;

Authority: an authoritative individual is recognised and respected for their knowledge and expertise in the sector, or has contributed to the development and perception of the IRMS or IM/RM sector;

Seniority: typically, an individual in a senior position with a range of experience with, or has had, responsibility for a large project or project design.

Nominees for fellowship will have a minimum of ten years’ practitioner experience in the IM/RM sector. Nominees for honorary fellowship need not necessarily need to qualify under this criterion.

Fellowship (FIRMS) may be combined with IRMS accredited member status (AMIRMS).  For further information on accredited status, please see

How do I nominate someone?

Nomination is a straight-forward process that requires two current members of the Society each write a brief statement in support of the nomination.

The detail of this process is:

  1. Nominations should be submitted in the form of an email sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Each nomination should include the name of the person being nominated and the names of the two members nominating the person.  All membership numbers must be included
  3. Each person being nominated must be informed of the nomination, and agree to being nominated, before a nomination is submitted
  4. Each nomination must be accompanied by a supporting statement of between 200 and 250 words from each of the two members nominating. These statements should specify which of the qualifying criteria as included on this web page the person is nominated under- and why they are, in the opinion of that person, worthy of fellow status within that criterion
  5. Each nomination will receive an email receipt

What happens after I nominate?

All valid nominations will be voted upon by the College of Fellows- the body comprising all current fellows and honorary fellows.  The detail of this process for 2017 is set-out below.

2017 Fellowship nomination and election process and timetable.

The process for the nomination and election of fellows for 2017 for will be as follows:

1. Nominations will be invited in the period 16/12/16-10/02/17.  Nominations will take the form a statement of 200-250 words from each of the two nominating members explaining why, under the established criteria, the nominee is worthy of fellowship.

  • Those nominating must be current members of the Society. ‘Member’ is defined as any category of membership.  Membership numbers must be provided;
  • Those being nominated must be asked prior to nomination and must willing to accept the nomination;
  • Those being nominated, if elected, will become fellows if they are current members of the Society- or Honorary Fellows if they are not; and
  • Nominations will not be published.

2. Following the close of nominations, those nominated will be voted on in a secret ballot by the College of Fellows. This will take place from 14/02-17/03/17.

3. Within this vote,

  • those receiving 55% or more of the votes cast will be deemed to have been elected;
  • those receiving 44.9% or less of the votes cast will be deemed to have failed to be elected on this occasion;
  • those receiving between 45% and 54.9% of the votes cast will be further discussed by a deliberation panel comprising five fellows and honorary fellows.  The membership of this panel will be determined by the College of Fellows.  Where a qualifying nominee is proposed by one of this group as eligible, a decision will be reached by a straight majority after a discussion.  The decision of this panel will be deemed final.

This discussion will take place 18/03-27/03/17.

4. All those nominated will be advised of the outcome of the election process by email on 28/03/17. The College of Fellows and Executive Committee will also be advised of the results.  The results will not be published beyond this circle.

Provision will be in place to allow those receiving fellowships (and not yet attending Conference) to book attendance at the Gala Dinner/Conference.

How can I find out more?

To find out more information about IRMS fellowship, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The College of Fellows

Below is the current membership roll of the College of Fellows.

Roll no. Title -     other than Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss First Name Surname Post-nominals other than FIRMS Year conferred Type
1   Elizabeth Barber   2013 Fellow
2   Keith Batchelor   2013 Fellow
3   David Bridge   2013 Fellow
4   John Davies   2013 Fellow
5 Dr Paul Duller AMIRMS 2013 Fellow
6   Marc Fresko   2013 Fellow
7   Sue Garland   2013 Fellow
8   Christopher Graham   2013 Fellow
9   Stephen Howard   2013 Fellow
10   Ceri Hughes   2013 Fellow
11   Heather Jack   2013 Fellow
12   Richard Jeffrey-Cook   2013 Fellow
13   Claire Johnson   2013 Fellow
14   Philip Jones   2013 Fellow
15   James Lappin   2013 Fellow
16 Dr. Elizabeth Lomas   2013 Fellow
17   Rachael Maguire AMIRMS 2013 Fellow
18   Bob McLean   2013 Fellow
19 Professor Julie McLeod   2013 Fellow
20   Oliver Morley CBE 2013 Hon. Fellow
21   Alison North   2013 Fellow
22   Stuart Orr   2013 Fellow
23   Roger Poole AMIRMS 2013 Fellow
24   Martin Sanderson   2013 Fellow
25   Mike Steemson   2013 Fellow
26   Matthew Stephenson AMIRMS 2013 Fellow
27   Christian Toon   2013 Fellow
28   John Wilson   2013 Fellow
29   Richard Blake   2013 Hon. Fellow
30   Ibrahim Hasan   2013 Hon. Fellow
31   Alan Shipman   2013 Hon. Fellow
32 The Rt. Hon. Jack Straw   2013 Hon. Fellow
33   Collin Crooks MBE, FIIM 2014 Fellow
34   Juho Rannali   2014 Fellow
35   Rob Hutton AMIRMS 2015 Fellow
36 Amb-Dr Oyedokun Ayodeji* Oyewole** FIIM 2015 Fellow
37   Jamie Burton AMIRMS 2016 Fellow
38   Meic Pierce Owen AMIRMS 2016 Fellow
39   Roger Rutkowski   2016 Fellow
40   Gwenda Sippings   2016 Fellow
41   Alan Bell AMIRMS 2016 Fellow
42   Jonathan  Baines   2016 Hon. Fellow
43   Guido Renke   2016 Hon. Fellow
Note   * Surname ** First Name      


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