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This page looks at IRMS Accreditation. It does this in the form of a series of questions and answers.  Also included are all necessary forms and guidance to get started on applying for accreditation.

What is IRMS Accreditation?

IRMS Accreditation is a form of membership that demonstrates you have reached a prescribed standard of experience and learning as an information professional.  It is available to all information professionals regardless of professional qualification.

How has the Scheme been developed?

Starting in 2006, accreditation has been developed by a sub-committee comprising both practitioner and sector academic membership.  First launched in pilot written application format in 2012, a revised written format as well as an oral interview option were then been piloted between 2014 and 2016 with the Scheme going into full launch from 01 January 2017.

What are the benefits?

Benefits of accreditation include

  • the right to use the post-nominals AMIRMS as a visible indication of your status as an accredited member of a professional association
  • a job market advantage with employers increasingly asking for IRMS accreditation, or the commitment to enter the accreditation process, being stated as a requirement in job specifications
  • personal professional growth and confidence from both the status and the process of applying
  • developing reflective practice through the process of becoming accredited
  • continued professional development

Who is eligible?

All current members of the Society (individual members and those who work for an organisation with corporate membership) who have either five years of experience in the profession or three years of experience and a recognised professional qualification.

I am not a records manager so I can’t apply, right?

Wrong!  Examples of those who are eligible are records managers, information governance professionals, technologists and archivists- practitioners, consultants and vendor specialists.

The Scheme caters for all information professionals and can accommodate those with a specialism (e.g. information governance) or those whose experience is more generalised (e.g. mostly records management with a bit of Archives and a bit of EDMS (technologist).   An application allows up to four areas of experience to be included.

Is there more than one way of applying?

Yes, eligible members can apply either through the submission of a comprehensive written application or through the completion of a briefer summary application and an oral interview- typically held as part of an IRMS Group Event day.

I am really pushed for time these days- how much time will it take?

Everyone works at a different pace but a written application should take around two weekends to complete and an oral summary application around the same time as an application form for a lower middle management position.  The oral interview will then take 45 minutes.

Is there help available?

Yes, in addition to written guidance and the ability to ask questions by email,  an ‘accreditation buddy’ (who will be an already accredited member) can be made available to you to assist if you wish.  This is not a formal ‘mentor/mentee’ relationship and it is not a requirement that you have an ‘accreditation buddy’ – although applicants to date have found them to be very useful.

How much does it cost?

The administration fee of £60 is currently suspended so accreditation costs nothing at this time.  The only on-going cost is membership.  This must be maintained in order to maintain accredited member status.

What happens if I don’t reach the Standard?

Where an applicant is not quite there yet, an action plan and broad timetable will be agreed for the applicant to follow.  A contact will also be assigned to be available to assist the applicant and help them along the road where required.  Essentially, the message is this- once you apply for accreditation you will become accredited. If it is not today then it will be at a point in the not too distant future- but you will become accredited.

How do I apply?

By contacting the Scheme administrators and finding out more information- and then by filling out the application form provided below using the guidance provided to assist.

How do I find out more?

Contact the Scheme administrators (who are themselves accredited members) on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


IRMS Accreditation- professional accreditation for all professionals



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