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IRMS Accreditation

In Spring 2012 The IRMS Accreditation Framework moved out of development into the implementation phase with the Accreditation sub-committee stepping down and the Accreditation Panel becoming established to scrutinise the submissions and award an Accreditation to those who fulfil the criteria.


An Accreditation Sub-committee was formed in 2008 by the Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) Executive Committee and tasked with setting up an accreditation scheme for individual (including student and affiliated) members.

The scheme is intended to be inclusive and providing a basis for further development.

The members of the Accreditation Sub-committee came from a variety of backgrounds, reflecting the diverse nature of the IRMS to ensure that the scheme would be:

  • Inclusive - in being able to cover the wide membership of the IRMS
  • Realistic - in the way it would be applied and the time scales involved 
  • Affordable - for both the members and also for the IRMS itself 
  • Manageable - to implement 
  • Achievable - for both the individual and the IRMS 
  • Sustainable - into the future, to allow growth and further development


The ensuing accreditation scheme was incorporated into the constitution of the IRMS to offer professional recognition to any individual member working in the fields of records management, information management, information governance, knowledge management and any other allied profession. Successful applicants are entitled to use the post-nominal AMIRMS - Accredited Member of the Information and Records Management Society.


Whichever sector you work in, and at whatever level you practice within the field of information and records management the accreditation process will benefit you both personally and professionally by:

  • Recognition of professional experience
  • Recognition of CPD
  • Mark of quality
  • Aid to career development
  • Use of the post- nominal AMIRMS - Accredited Member of the Information and Records Management Society
  • Improved self-reflection and confidence



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