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In addition to the Executive Committee, the Executive Team comprises a number of officers.

About Officers

Officers are appointed by the Executive with the remit of being either

  • an assistant to a specific Director, or
  • filling a position with a specific and limited remit

Appointment to an Officer position is for a period of one year, renewable annually or as otherwise defined by the Executive Committee.

Officers do not have a vote in Executive matters although it is expected both that officers will play a full part in the deliberations of the Executive and that their views will be treated with equal weight as those of Executive Committee members. 

Officers may either report to a member of the Executive Committee or to the Executive Committee itself.

In certain circumstances, an Officer may be styled 'Assistant Director'.  This title has been used to denote a developmental role in the past.  Now however, it typically denotes the Officer working with a Director and taking more of a 'working with' rather than 'working under' role.

The decision to recruit a particular officer role is taken by the Executive Team with a full and open recruitment process across the Membership taking place thereafter.


Current Officers

 Collin Crookes

Collin Crooks MBE, FIRMS, FIIM

Collin is a senior figure in the profession, with a career spanning the globe. Collin took up the role of International Officer in May 2014 before becoming simply 'officer' at AGM 2015.
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Harvey Burgess 

Commercial Development Officer:
Harvey Burgess
Contact details & bio to follow shortly...


Chris Manson 

Commercial Development Officer:
Chris Manson

Chris has worked on some of the largest EDRMS deployments in the UK, and has a wide experience of products and processes involved in Records Management (RM) in the commercial, government and third sectors.  Chris has been involved with RM since 2007 and has spoken at several IRMS events through the years and has served as both Secretary and Chair of the IRMS Ireland Group.  Before working in the world of IT and RM, Chris lectured history at Queen’s University and the University Of Ulster from where he holds a doctor of philosophy.  He now works as a Business Development Manager at Equiniti and is heavily involved is promoting the importance of RM in financial, commercial and government services. 
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Joe Chapman

Communications Officer:
Joe Chapman
Joe is the main point of contact for all aspects of information management at Aberdeenshire Council. He has previously undertaken a review of information processes across the organisation, and played a key role in reforming the use of email and shared drives. He's currently supporting a number of major IM projects, including SharePoint implementation, master data management, enterprise architecture, and Health and Social Care Integration. He's passionate about communication and collaboration, and leapt at the opportunity to join the IRMS Exec team in autumn 2015.
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Melody Allsebrook

Groups & Volunteers Officer:

Melody Allsebrook AMIRMS Dip.RIM PC.dp

Melody is a consultant at Automated Intelligence Ltd., specialising in Information & Records Management and Data Protection; she has worked on a wide range of information governance projects across both public and private sectors.  Before moving to consultancy work, Melody worked at the Research Councils in Swindon for 13 years, implementing a number of information improvement projects, but now enjoys meeting the challenges of helping other organisations to find solutions and best ways of working compliantly within information laws and regulations.  Melody has also, until recently, been the Vice-Chair of the IRMS South West Group and is still the Co-Chair of the SharePoint Practitioners’ Group; passing on her enthusiasm for IRM and DP wherever possible to as many organisations as possible!




Data Officer:
Currently vacant
This role is currently vacant. To apply please visit



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