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Records Management Toolkit for Schools

Dear All

It is with genuine pleasure that I announce the publication of the 2016 IRMS Records Management Toolkit for Schools. Over the past years, the toolkit has proven very popular in this sector and I am sure that with this refresh along with the increasing profile of ‘information’, its popularity will only increase!

The Society is very grateful to the indomitable Elizabeth Barber and her team for the work in revising this booklet as well as to Dr Paul Duller and the Tribal Group for their continued support in funding its production.

Please note that the Toolkit is provided for guidance only and it should not be referred to, or promoted as a “standard”.   Any organisation considering implementing the toolkit should seek the advice of their Local Authorities legal department before doing so.

Please feel free to download your own copy of the Toolkit (below) and pass on this link to any organisation that you feel may benefit from it.

I hope you find it useful!



Meic Pierce Owen AMIRMS, FIIM

IRMS Chair

Information Management Toolkit for Schools - v5 February 2016


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